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Duncan Micallef keen to take Malta Motorsport to new heights

From left: Oliver Attard, George Abdilla and Duncan Micallef who will contest the MMF elections on Monday.

The Malta Motorsport Federation will on Monday elect a new president after Tonio Cini decided not to put his name again for the top post after 12 years at the helm.

Former European Drag racing champion Duncan Micallef is one of two candidates for the presidential elections. Micallef has been joined by George Abdilla and Oliver Attard who have also put in their nomination for the other vacant spots, namely vice-president and vice-secretary.

Sportsdesk.com.mt has spoken with the three contestants on their decision to put their name forward and be involved in the administration of Malta’s local governing body of motor racing.

Duncan, definitely you are the most familiar face here, since we know you as a successful drag racing driver, fastest man in Europe, European champion and Sportsman of the year for two consecutive years. What makes you decide to contest the top post in the local motorsport scene?

Firstly, thanks for giving me this opportunity.

I always knew that there is a lot of the work that happens behind the scenes for us drivers to be able to enjoy our sport.

In fact, I have been approached to help even in the past. Now that my friend Tonio Cini is not contesting I decided to help out.

The current administration did a lot of great work however I am aware that there is so much one can do even if he occupies a post for a number of years, we intend to continue on the good that have already been and achieved.

I strongly believe that with my experience, with what I want to achieve for my sons, that both practice karting, and have a lot to offer. I would like to have the chance to work with Oliver and George, who both already spent six years as general secretaries of the federation.

George, although you might be the least known, at least to me it seems that you already know or have a good idea of what to expect if elected as vice-president of the federation.

You are right, with the honours Duncan brought to the motorsport and due to Oliver’s work in the media probably I am the less known publicly.

However, I am extremely familiar with the clubs within the federation and even more familiar with the federation’s statute.

The federation was officially formed in 2007 but actually I was before the MMF and have contributed heavily to forming it especially its statute and accepting the first clubs.

Since I helped in drafting the statute, I kept on following its amendments over the years and have a lot of changes planned for the administration of MMF to function much better.

Besides that, my 30 years in motorsport will definitely help me.

Oliver, from what I understood, technically you are already elected as vice-secretary since you are not being contested.   

Indeed, in fact at the moment it is a joke amongst our friends all telling me that they are voting for me.

Well, but actually there is some thought in that as well. Reason being is that Duncan, George and myself presented ourselves as a team, however, it does not mean that all of us can be elected or otherwise since the posts are individual posts.

The idea of the team is for the fact that we need to bring fresh air to the administration of the federation.

Both Duncan and George said well before me. In the case of Duncan we will be bringing a huge wealth of experience, contacts as well as I am sure that as a respected sportsman, both locally and abroad, Duncan can solve challenges that so far we did not solve.

George is already working on amendments to the statute, changes that will help the federation to make a good leap forward.

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