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Watch: ‘Quality excellence key for ecosystem development’

In recent weeks, MB Consult owner and CEO Martin Borg had announced the partnership with Leeds United College in what can be considered as a ground-breaking project for education and training activity on the Maltese islands.

This set off a series of agreements set up by Borg, as founder of Center for Sport Excellence (CSE) and high-profile organisations on both national and international level.

The ideology behind the launch of the Center for Sport Excellence is to create an ecosystem that will enable the active engagement of stakeholders to develop and sustain the performance level of sports persons with an international dimension through quality activity.

Borg is a firm believer in a high-quality sporting ecosystem in our country which could help those involved to develop their skills and competencies to perform and work in the sports industry.

Center for Sport Excellence has now established key collaborations with national and international partners to continue providing quality excellence to their participants.

“Following the Leeds United announcement – regarding Leeds United College – the Center for Sport Excellence has continued to expand in the area of sports ecosystem in Malta,” Borg told The Sunday Times of Malta.

“We have formed partnership agreements into football, both at national and international level, and eSports.

“When it comes to football, we have already signed agreements with the Malta Football Players Association, Futsal Malta Association and Hibernians FC – at national level – whereas we have now also partnered with the International Professional Scouting Organisation after the Leeds United deal overseas.”

In the eSports sector, which is growing exponentially, Center for Sport Excellence signed a collaboration with World Pro Racing in an agreement that seeks to build the necessary human capital required for this sector.

“CSE has now reached a critical mass that will allow it to move into action in the next months, where I have already laid the foundation for a number of events,” Borg said.

“I will soon be announcing a webinar with Leeds United College and Ahead of Sports – in collaboration with the University of Salford, to provide students and interested members the key elements of such projects. In addition, training courses in football scouting and analysis and microlearning for eSports will soon be launched.”

Borg explained that the idea of evolving this ecosystem in Malta and possibly beyond is to provide more quality and services of value in Malta with the ultimate aim of developing talent.

“Through these activities, I have in mind three important elements which are education – in particular active engagement, qualifications of value which means formal and accredited and finally, international master classes and all these adhere the idea of Center for Sport Excellence,” Borg pointed out.

“The core of CSE mission is to develop the talent and ensure that the necessary ingredients to improve are provided and in place.”

In fact, Borg explained also that while an Education Hub has been created, he is also involved with the Central Mediterranean Business School which will be launching a work-based MBA in the field of sport management amongst other areas.

Moreover he has formed a strong research team and a collaboration with a group of intelligent data scientists (Lobeslab) with whom he will collaborate to launch and integrate Artificial Intelligence in the local sporting ecosystem.

“Throughout my career, I learned a lot and have embarked on a number of projects with the objective of striving towards excellence,” Borg underlined.

“I am a firm believer that if we can work together towards a clear mission of developing talent, the ecosystem in sports on our islands can reach its objective.”

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