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Twelve horses qualify for the class Gold final

Rodney Gatt leads Livi Majesty to victory in the Class Gold final. Photo: Malta Trot Racing

The 49th meeting of the season which was held on Sunday afternoon at the Marsa racetrack consisted of ten races all for trotters. Three of these races were semifinals from the Johnnie Walker Championship for class Gold trotters on a short distance of 2140m. From these semifinals, twelve horses made it to the final stage.

In the first class Gold semifinal, there was really a close finish between the early leader Dynamit Life (Kerstin Galea) and Caid Sly (Ludvic Ghigo) which increased its speed from the inside during the final straight. It was the former which sealed its second win in  a row and the fourth of the year with Triomphe Ferm (Kurt Saliba) and Prinsen One (Mario Farrugia) ending respectively in third and fourth place.

French mare Diza Du Courtille registered its second consecutive win and in Malta in the second semifinal from the same championship. Stivala’s mare dashed strongly from the outside during the last 300 metres. Apache Reyor (Charles Degiorgio), Corky Ramirez (Paul Galea) and La Mauresque (Philip Calleja) followed home in that order. The winner clocked an excellent average time of 1.14.9” per kilometer.

In the third class Gold semifinal, the early leader Star’s Fighter (Ludvic Ghigo), started to slow down when the front horses turned for their final straight. This was eventually overtaken by Livi Majesty (Rodney Gatt) which took its seventh win of the year and its second in a row from Facto Turgot (Dolan Casha), Django Winner (Clint Vassallo) and Cessillac (Charles Degiorgio).

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Sunday. The first race should start at 1.30pm.

Sunday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 2140m. 1. Havana De Payre (Silio Schembri) – 1.16.3”

Race 2. Class Copper. Dist – 2140m. 1. Gypsa Bella (Sam Cassar) – 1.17.1”

Race 3. Class Bronze. Dist – 2140m. 1. Gina Bergil (Jesmar Gafa’) – 1.16.2”

Race 4. Class Bronze. Dist – 2140m. 1. Gabin De See (Charles Camilleri) – 1.16.2”

Race 5. Class Bronze. Dist – 2140m. 1. Ramon Dekkers (Warren Galea) – 1.16.7”

Race 6. Class Silver. Dist – 2140m. 1. Gallita (Charlton Gauci) – 1.15.7”

Race 7.  Johnnie Walker Cup Semfinal. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Dynamit Life (Kerstin Galea) – 1.15.6”

Race 8. Johnnie Walker Cup Semifinal. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Diza Du Courtille (Ivan Stivala) – 1.14.9”

Race 9. Johnnie Walker Cup Semifinal. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Livi Majesty (Rodney Gatt) – 1.16.2”

Race 10. Class Silver. Dist – 2140m. 1. Classic d’Urzy (David Attard) – 1.15.2”

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