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SportMalta to host two major events this weekend as part of European Week of Sport

SportMalta will be organising two major events this weekend as part of this year’s European Week of Sport, Rose Marie Mercieca, the event co-ordinator, announced during a news conference on Friday.

The European Week of Sport, held annually during the last week of September, is an initiative by the European Commission aimed at promoting physical activity through sports in all European Union member states.

Recognising the importance of combating sedentary lifestyles, the initiative emphasises the need for regular and active living.

This year’s European Week of Sport focuses on various themes including schools, workplaces, fitness centres, sports organisations, and community engagement through local governments and outdoor activities.

In this regard, SportMalta is organising two flagship events – the BeActive Night, scheduled for Saturday at 6.30pm at the Cottonera Sports Complex, which will emphasise fitness as the primary focus.

The event will commence with a walk from Kalkara, followed by a fitness challenge with over 300 registered athletes, fitness sessions for the public, and a water polo tournament in an Olympic-sized pool.

The main event is set for Sunday afternoon at the Marsa Sports Grounds. It will transform the grounds into a sports village featuring more than 20 different sporting disciplines.

In collaboration with SportMalta, various sports clubs and organisations are also hosting their own events, encouraging more and more people to be active through sports.

This year, SportMalta is partnering with several fitness centres, opening their doors for free sessions on Saturday, September 30, with the aim of encouraging regular exercise.

Recognising that workplaces, schools, and homes have become places where people spend a significant portion of their time, SportMalta is seizing the opportunity to organise activities in these environments and brainstorming ideas on how one can remain active in such settings.

To this end, SportMalta is hosting various team-building physical activities in workplaces and the SportMalta National Schools Sports Day on October 13, where schools across the nation are invited to participate.

Over the years, SportMalta has also produced numerous video clips under the BeActiveAtHome initiative, catering to those who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

On his part, Matthew Vella, the Permanent Secretary for Education, began by expressing his gratitude towards SportMalta for their dedicated efforts in promoting sports and ensuring that more people in Malta lead active and healthy lifestyles.

He emphasised that SportMalta’s mission to raise awareness about the importance of sports and active living for community health and well-being is commendable.

Vella stressed that physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in competitive sports; it can also involve participating in activities available within local communities, as exemplified by the European Week of Sport organized by SportMalta.

Furthermore, he highlighted ongoing efforts to encourage physical activity among public sector employees in Valletta, with the aim of fostering greater activity levels and improved well-being.

Education and Sports Minister Clifton Grima expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all the dedicated employees of SportMalta for their exemplary efforts in promoting sports and physical activity.

Minister Grima highlighted the crucial role of physical exercise in improving both mental and physical well-being. He emphasised that engaging in any form of physical activity greatly contributes to mental clarity and physical fitness.

Furthermore, Grima emphasised the significance of the European Week of Sport, an annual event that is now a fixture on the calendar.

He said that SportMalta has been tirelessly working to convey a strong and vital message about the importance of sports and active living for community health and well-being.

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