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Exciting racing at ICC Hillclimb Championship

Last weekend, the Island Car Club organised the fourth round of the Enemed National Hilclimb Championship in Miżieb, limits of Mellieħa.

Preparations with clean-ups as well as increased road safety works began a week earlier, so that on Sunday morning around 60 drivers met in their cars to climb the hill that ends at Lewis Wettinger Road, or as it is known, the Mellieħa by-pass.

As in the previous three rounds the drivers competed in various groups and classes depending on the type of car and size of engine.

Matthias Vella and Joe Anastasi won the trophy for the youngest driver and the oldest one respectively. Vella was also the fastest driver in the Guest Class. Ian Lawson, Dorian Galea and Andrea Scicluna topped the standings in the three special categories –Pre-War cars, Drifting and Autocross.

Class three, four and five for street legal cars were won by Aaron Refalo, Chris Tabone and Robert Muscat.

Two categories for classic cars, one for standard cars and the other for modified cars were won by Jonathan Grech and Michael Pace.

The fourth class of the first group was won by Stephen Micallef. The second and third class of the second group were led by Etienne Grech and Edmond Azzopardi.

The first class of group four was won by Joshua Anastasi while James Dunford topped the fifth class of group five.

Roswell Bugeja won the second class of group three and was the fastest driver of Front-Wheel Drive cars.

Joseph Cutajar placed first in the third class in the fourth group and was the fastest driver with a Rear-Wheel Drive car.

David Galea won third class group three and was the fastest driver on a Four-Wheel Drive car. Mauro Portelli and Kenneth Camilleri prevailed in the second class of group six.

Among the first three drivers in this fourth round, we saw, Matthew Zammit winning the fourth class of group five and finishing in third place among all the drivers.

In second place was Keith Camilleri who also won the third class of group five, while Darren Camilleri prevailed in the fourth class of group six, finishing in first place as the fastest driver of the day and thus netting the fourth round.

The next round, which will be the fifth round of the ICC Enemed National Hillclimb Championship, is expected to take place at Ġnejna limits of Mġarr Malta, on November 8.

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