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Ellington Dream wins Southern Region Local Councils’ final

The ninth and the 10th meeting of the season which included twenty races for trotters were held during the weekend at the Marsa Racetrack.

The most important race was the Southern Region Local Councils’ Final for class Premier trotters on a short distance of 2,140m and which was won by Ellington Dream and Charles Camilleri.

 These were representing the locality of Żejtun. Apart from this final, these two meetings heralded the start of the Executive Security Championship with seven heats for class Silver trotters and included also three class Premier races also on a short distance.

Twelve trotters lined up for the class Premier final.

Gambit Brodde (Julian Farrugia) was the fastest horse at first, opening a small lead from Infinite Knight (Charles Degiorgio) and Concerto Royal (Noel Baldacchino).

With 400 metres to go Farrugia’s trotter started to slow down and was eventually overtaken by Ellington Dream (Charles Camilleri) which dashed strongly from the outside and triumphed from Infinite Knight (Charles Degiorgio) and Concerto Royal (Noel Baldacchino). Firejack De Viette (Rodney Gatt) ended in fourth place.

The winner clocked an average time of 1.13.6” per kilometer.

At the end of this final, Stephanie Fenech on behalf of Żejtun Local Council and Jesmond Aquilina, the president of the region, presented the winning shield to Charles Camilleri and Julian Bezzina the driver and owner of the winning horse.

For Ellington Dream this was its first win of the season.

In the first class Premier race held on Saturday, the early leader Baladin Du Reynard (Jean Claude Pace) ran out of speed around 400m from the finishing line. Pace’s trotter was overtaken by Swedish newcomer Aiming To Win (Gianluca Grech) which sealed its first win in Malta easily by two lengths from Ticket To Ride (Clint Vassallo), Concerto Gede (Carmelo Farrugia) and Doudou De Bouere (Zairen Magri).

Dragster De Bomo (Cliferty Calleja) gained its first win in Malta in the second class Premier race. This French trotter increased its pace on the outside when the front horses turned for their final straight. Bleven (Daniel Debono), Azur Des Caillons (Oliver Briffa) and Dream Cash (Julian Farrugia) followed home in that order.  

Surf’N Turf (Charles Camilleri) registered its second win of the year in the third and last class Premier race and after leading all the way. This Swedish trotter past the finishing post first easily by two lenghts from Djembe Du Pont (Jesmar Gafa’), Diablo d’Herfraie (Rodney Gatt) and Rally Hans (Marco Refalo).

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Sunday.

This will also include the Assikura Championship final for class Gold trotters and should start at 1.30pm.

Saturday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper – Dennis Rose P.J. (Marco Debono) – 1.18.1”

Race 2. Class Bronze – Echo Sellois (Paul Galea) – 1.15.9”

Race 3. Class Bronze – Fox Trot Maybe (Marco Debono) – 1.17.6”

Race 4. Class Premier – Aiming To Win (Gianluca Grech) – 1.15.7”

Race 5. Executive Security Championship Heat. Class Silver –Star’s Fighter (Ludvic Ghigo) – 1.17.1”

Race 6. Executive Security Championship Heat. Class Silver – Caesarus d’Ela (Patrick Spiteri) – 1.16.2”

Race 7. Executive Security Championship Heat. Class Silver – Deede Star (Jason Vassallo) – 1.15.6”

Race 8. Class Premier – Dragster De Bomo (Cliferty Calleja) -1.14.3”

Race 9. Class Bronze – Gaia Lucaxelo (Paul Galea) – 1.17”

Race 10. Class Bronze – Etel Du Pilet (Paul Galea) – 1.16.8”

Sunday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 2140m. Ficelujando (Jesmar Gafa’) – 1.17.4”

Race 2. Class Copper. Dist – 2140m. Sharif America (Matthew Sammut) – 1.17.1”

Race 3. Class Bronze. Dist – 2140m. Attack Photo (Dylan Baldacchino) – 1.15.3”

Race 4. Class Premier. Dist – 2140m. Surf’N Turf (Charles Camilleri) – 1.14.5”

Race 5. Executive Security  Championship Heat. Class Silver– Delta De L’Erdre (Redent Magro) – 1.16.4”

Race 6. Executive Security Championship Heat. Class Silver – Classic d’Urzy (David Attard) – 1.14.9”

Race 7. Class Bronze – Go Without I.D. (Rodney Gatt) – 1.16.8”

Race 8. Southern Region Local Council’s Final. Class Premier – Ellington Dream (Charles Camilleri) – 1.13.6”

Race 9. Executive Security Championship Heat. Class Silver – Beatnik Turgot (Cherise Farrugia) – 1.16.6”

Race 10. Class Silver – Denka Du Frau (Cliferty Calleja) – 1.15.2”

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